About me


Hi, my name is Alexia and I’m a researcher in statistics and machine learning. I have backgrounds in both statistics and computer science (BSc in Math and CS, MSc in Statistics) and I currently work at the Jewish General Hospital as a Biostatistician (a fancy title for Statistician or Data Scientist working in a hospital). I also do some consulting work.

My passion is Machine Learning (ML) and I want to make the switch from statistics to deep learning. ML is just a branch of statistics but most people don’t see it that way; there is an important gap separating researchers (and their research) in ML and statistics, which shouldn’t exist, but sadly does. I’m just trying to cross the road.

I’m particularly interested in deep generative models. Deep generative models are all about findings ways to generate images, sound, video or text. It is so much more rewarding to generate something, than to try to predict something. It also has so much artistic potential. Imagine generating a potential new episode of TNG using only a written script and voice samples! We are extremely far from such capabilities but maybe one day…

Some of my previous work include the study of the prior of Bayesian Trees and the LEGIT model trained using alternating optimization. I also generated pictures of cats using several types of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN).